Myrtle Project And Consultancy Private Limited is one of the leading CIVIL Engineering consulting firms in India. Established in 2009 and lead by a team of Anna University graduates
4/24 First Floor, Shivaya Nagar Main Road,
Alagapuram, Salem-636016.


Sieve shaker 3 No's
Hydrometer 2 No's
Casagrande apparatus 3 No's
Shrinkage limit apparatus 3 No's
Swell test apparatus 2 No's
California Bearing Ratio test apparatus 2 No's
Free Swell Index Test 3 No's
Relative Desity apparatus 3 No's
Constant and Falling head Permeability test apparatus 2 No's
Proctor Compactor test apparatus 2 No's
Pycnometer Test 3 No's
Oven 3 No's
Infrared moisture meter 3 No's
Soil cone penetrometer 3 No's
Consolidation test apparatus 2 No's
UCC test apparatus for Soil 2 No's
Direct shear test apparatus for soil 2 No's
Triaxial test apparatus 2 No's
Vane shear test 3 No's
UCC test apparatus for rock 2 No's
Direct shear test apparatus for rock 2 No's
Saturation & buoyancy test Apparatus 3 No's
Point load index Tester 2 No's
Brazilian test apparatus 2 No's
Rock Cutter 2 No's