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We at MPAC focus on implementing innovative solutions to the real world problem and with prime consideration to have a sustainable solution.

Present decade requires a sustainable transport solution to meet the rapid metro lifestyle, hence MPAC is focusing on providing the same by having an exclusive R&D team to explore the opportunities to implement new/upgrade the present transportation structural system.

The executives and all staff member at MPAC will provide best service to achieve customer satisfaction, mutual trust and quality service.

Precast Segment for Elevated Transit Rail Station:

In the present modern decade, the train is one of the most efficient and cost-effective modes of transportation to move a large number of peoples, thereby fuelling faster economic growth and connectivity.

Hence the metropolitan cities are provided with mass rapid transit and light rapid transit route that helps the city with safer, faster and better connectivity.

The construction period taken to build the infrastructure to implement a mass rapid transit causes delay in commissioning the system on time. In general, an elevated mass rapid transit system consists of atgrade stretch, elevated viaduct and elevated station in which construction method used for elevated station is key entity to delay the overall construction process due to structural and interfacing issues.

We at Myrtle project and consultancy private limited focus on making the present system more economic, reducing construction period and constructability issues by introducing an innovative solution.

MPAC introduces “Precast segment for elevated transit station” which is the patented product of MPAC this is an innovative solution which is more efficient than the present system adopted for the elevated mass rapid transit elevated station.

This system consists a newly shaped girder for guideway, this has the following advantages,

  • The newly shaped will be used for carrying both the guideway and platform load. This will helps to eliminate the platform girder, which is generally used in the conventional elevated station.
  • Since it is a one deck system for both guideway and platform, this will help to reduce the construction time.
  • Since the whole platform level is erected using launching girder, this will help to reduce the construction period.
  • When compared to a conventional system, this newly shaped girder helps to reduce the vertical profile at the elevated station location. This will help to achieve material saving in substructure and foundation.
  • The newly shaped girder is capable enough to carry the system cable routing requirements and this will help to avoid on-site modification usually taken place in the conventional method of construction.
  • This newly shaped girder also helps to eliminate the closing wall used at the junction between guideway and platform deck as used in the conventional method.
  • The soffit of the newly shaped girder is flat, which will be a value addition to avoid false ceiling work at concourse level.